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Law firms everywhere are dealing with the modern day reality that what used to work for advertising, is not working anymore. We work with firms to help implement strategies that increase awareness and reach more clients. We help firms become visible.

Here’s what one firm had to say.

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Our team will put together a custom report that will include your Google keyword rankings, opportunities waiting for you, and the number of potential clients you are missing out on.

You didn’t pass the bar to figure out Google and manage advertising campaigns.

The reality is that your time is valuable. The time you spend on your own marketing is time that could be spent with clients instead. Let us help you with your marketing & advertising efforts, while educating you along the way. Our main focus is to bring you more clients in the most cost effective manner.

We work with you.
Not your competitors.

There are a lot of people in your industry. That’s why when we work with your firm, we are solely your partners. We will not service your competitors in your field of law within a given radius.

Visible Lawyer is for firms that are saying:

 Case Study:

Alvine Weidenaar, LLP Personal Injury Lawyers

Alvine Weidenaar is a personal injury law firm serving a 400,000 population in both urban and rural regions. Their two offices needed to be strategically positioned as an authority in fighting for injured parties.

When they first started with Visible Lawyer, they were almost non-existent on Google search results. Firms with less experience and lower success rates were frustratingly higher on results and thus getting clients that would have been better served by seasoned law professionals.

The Visible lawyer team was able to overhaul their site and immediately get started on a dedicated SEO (google search rankings) and ad campaign strategy.

Ten months later, Alvine Weidenaar was hitting page one and #1 spot positions on significant search results. Combined with advertising campaigns and content creation, the firm started seeing people walk through the door because of digital marketing more than anything else. 

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